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About Us

Taking the Time to Listen

At Forest Lake Remedial Massage, you’ll never be looked at as a number. In our warm and friendly massage office, we will take the time to listen to what’s brought you in so we can create effective solutions to address your particular issue. We are passionate about assisting our patients.

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Our Practice Mission

To improve continuously as an evidence-driven remedial massage practice offering diagnosis, management, care, rehabilitation and broad-scale support for adults, adolescents and children with acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neurological pain disorders, in occupational and sports injuries, as well as with dietary and lifestyle counselling and well-person supportive care. We work to help the individual, families and our community with practical and cost-effective remedial massage health care improvements, with the world’s best practice and research. Many people first come to our clinic for relief from pain and injury. They then find that with regular, periodic remedial massage, there is an increase in their sense of well-being and overall health. We often hear from people, “I’ve never felt this good in my life!” We hope to help all ages and conditions into well-person elective care, where you return to us for care because you want to continue feeling great.

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Ready to take the next step?

For over 20 years, our team has been passionate & dedicated to helping all members of the family

Forest Lake Remedial Massage offers specific and targeted treatment where individual areas of discomfort are targeted and addressed. We look forward to helping you.