Remedial Massage Forest Lake

Remedial Massage Forest Lake

Relax, Improve Your Sleep, & Assist Recovery From Sports Training & Injury With Our Highly Qualified Remedial Massage In Forest Lake.

Appointments Available In 24Hr

You don’t need to wait for weeks to book in – we accept appointments within 24 hours.

Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep

forest lake remedial massage
Remedial massage may help to improve your sleep patterns and reduce your daily stress levels.


Assist In Faster Injury Recovery

remedial massage forest lake
Have a sporting injury? Book a remedial massage to assist your treatment and recovery.

HICAPS Health Claims Available

remedial massage in forest lake
We are registered with HICAPS and can provide you with a health claim for your massage.

Your Remedial Massage Treatment Specialists

Your individual massage with us is a personalised experience. It begins with an initial assessment and chat regarding your wants and needs.

Each remedial massage treatment is then tailored to your goals and preferences, so that we can assist you in the best way possible.

Marko is your qualified and nurturing physical therapist, with a keen interest in sports and conditioning. His mission is to help you reach your peak physical health to improve your quality of life.

Assisting to guide the body to faster recovery, our skilled remedial massage therapist will direct more attention to areas in need, which may help you recover faster from intense training or sporting injury.

They can work independently, or in conjunction with practitioners from our other areas including chiropractic.

Our highly qualified massage therapist is experienced in many areas of massage, including:


Sports Injury Massage

Remedial massage helps to provide relief and improved recovery time from injuries and also from intensive training.

remedial massage forest lake

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of the muscle.

remedial massage forest lake

Trigger Point Therapy

A subcategory of remedial massage whereby direct pressure is applied to specified points on tender muscle tissue, which may reduce muscle tension and pain relief.

remedial massage forest lake

Myofascial Release

This massage therapy aims to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving circulation and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.

remedial massage forest lake

Mobilisation Massage

A range of treatments that can assist to increase the ease of movement of your muscles, as well as your general mobility.

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About Remedial Massage Forest Lake

A modern and highly effective massage, remedial massage utilises a variety of techniques to help correct imbalances and alleviate pain in the body through soft tissue manipulation.

With its natural approach, remedial massage can help to alleviate both physical and mental ailments. This is all achieved through focusing on specific muscles and tissues, and paying special attention to blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

Everyone benefits from massage. Whether it be for stress relief, targeted pain relief or within a recovery plan as part of sport or physical exercise, massage is not only relaxing but highly beneficial.

Beyond helping existing injuries, misalignment and mental stresses, remedial massage is also practiced as a preventative measure, in order to avoid potential injuries to the body.

Remedial massage can be enjoyed with very minimal discomfort, with the intensity of the massage able to be scaled up or down depending on your condition and desired outcome.

The process works in tandem with your body’s natural healing processes, accelerating and spurring on efficient recovery. Like a standard relaxation massage, remedial treatments may help to place you in a fully relaxed state-of-mind, especially beneficial after periods of high stress. 

Beyond this, remedial massage offers specific and targeted treatment in comparison to a regular relaxation massage, where individual areas of discomfort are targeted and treated.

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You can find Forest Lake Remedial Massage at Suite 2, 1a/251 Forest Lake Blvd, Forest Lake QLD 4078.

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